Although we do not transact business over the internet you are free to download or print any of these forms and then bring them or post them to the office for our volunteers to process. If you are not sure which form to use or are unable to print these forms, just give us a ring and we will be happy to assist.

New Membership Form
To join DFCU you will need to complete this form, deposit a minimum of £5 cash or cheque and provide proof of Identity and also proof of address.
Any of the following are acceptable:
IDENTITY: Passport, Driving Licence, Dacorum Card, Notice of Tax Coding, HM Forces ID card, Birth Certificate.
ADDRESS: Utility Bill, Bank Statement, DWP Letter, Council Tax Demand, two recent payslips.
Please contact the office to arrange an appointment to open your account.

Savings (shares) Withdrawal Form
(Please note that withdrawals take 30 days to process)

Loan Application
This form is now used for all loan applications including Speed or Secured loans. If your loan amount exceeds your share balance you will also need to complete an income and expenditure form (below).

Income and Expenditure Form
You need to complete this form if your loan amount will be higher than your shares (savings) balance.

Change of Details (address, etc)

Christmas/Savings Club Application
(Use this form only for a Savings Account which locks away your savings until November).

Standing Order Form
(Use this to make regular payments from your bank account into your savings or loan accounts).

Share Transfer Form
(Use this if you want to transfer some or all of your shares to your loan account or to the account of another member. Please speak to us first if you want to do either of these things).

Secure Savings and Low Cost Loans from the Ethical Alternative